Just vote.

Though many people who are eligible to vote were hindered (but not prevented from) registering; though there are obstacles to getting to precincts like having to work or not having transportation; though we have all read and heard the many stories about problems with voting machines — a vote has rarely counted for so much in the history of America.

Please vote today.

If you will vote on paper: fill in the bubble completely, or join the arrow.

If you will vote on an electronic machine: check the review screen and the paper record if there is one.

And get your “I voted!” sticker.

2 thoughts on “Just vote.”

  1. MSNBC was reporting this afternoon that the “complete the arrow” ballots that were used in Palm Beach, FL (last month? I don’t know what they were voting for) 1-in-10 were incorrectly filled out. People would “X” between the arrows, or circle the whole lineโ€ฆ anything but “complete” the arrow. ๐Ÿ™ FAIL.And here in MA, they apparently didn’t have the “I Voted” stickers at several locations, including mine. Also FAIL.

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